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February 01, 1999

You Cannot Prove That I'm Not God

I am an; individualist, an egoist, an atheist, a capitalist, an optimist, and an artist. My bullshit detector is of the highest grade and is very very finely tuned. It can sniff a turd on the other side of the globe as well as the one in your shorts. Speaking of turds, my shit list includes, but is not limited to (in no particular order):
Stupid Karl Marx,
Stupid Vladmir Lenin,
Stupid Josef Stalin,
Stupid Fidel Castro,
Stupid Mao Tse Tsung,
Stupid Michael Moore,
Stupid Noam Chomsky,
Stupid Jesus Christ,
Stupid Adolf Hitler,
Stupid Jerry Falwell,
Stupid Ralph Nader,
Stupid Che Guevara,
Stupid Janeane Garofalo,
Stupid Art Spiegelman,
Stupid Pat Robertson,
Stupid Fucking Mohammed,
Stupid Tom Ammiano,
Stupid Matt Gonzalez,
Stupid Jesse Jackson,
Stupid Phil Donahue,
Stupid Susan Sontag
and all of those who swallow, partially digest and vomit forth the retarded ideas of those listed above. My politics favor individual liberty, fairness, full disclosure and accountability. I have been self employed since 1991. I do not work for the man. I am the man. Nobody loves me more than me. Nobody hates me more than me. I make crap everyday, photo's, drawings, paintings, stories, rants, movies, songs,etc.. this is the place where I lay it all out for your displeasure. Take a gander. If this wasn't enough info for you, you might want to read my FAQ. Or you can read this interview or maybe even this one. I know, I can't get enough of me either.

Blogger ~*~ is a gaywad.

So, is that you? Or just a picture of a guy? If its you- Your frigg'n damn good look'n! Handsome with a slice of sexy! If its not you- Whats with the evil scientist look? Jeebus, you look as though you might try to eat my brain!



Blogger merkley??? is a gaywad.

thats me acting like a moody las vegas magician who takes himself way too seriously while everyone around him snickers and points at his sparkly socks.


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