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December 20, 2002

Michael Moore Is Fat And Wrong

Nothing is less fun than talking about race. I don't really give a crap about race as far as making friends goes. I am an individualist and I believe that every human being should be judged upon their own merits. I derive no pride from nor have any allegiance to race, heritage, gender or any other coincidental circumstance of which I was not involved in choosing or creating. My pride is limited to that which bears my fingerprints period. I suggest the same for you.

What is it about people like Michael Moore that makes them jump up and down screaming about black this, white that? Haven't they yet realized where that conversation goes? I read his latest book called Stupid White Men (I got it for my birthday) and I saw his latest movie called Bowling For Columbine. I hated them both. They both made me sick to my stomach. I think he is wrong, and/or misleading about everything. The worst thing is that he is obsessed with race He consistently ends up saying black this, white that. Do we really have to keep breaking things down like that -- by color -- by race?

Sadly, it almost seems like I am alone in this. Lately, it seems like everybody loves Bowling For Columbine, even people who I consider friends. To sum up the movie, it's about how stupid, silly and evil white America is and how misrepresented black America is and how white people are all running around, scared half to death and so they buy guns which kill children. --- It all seems to come down to fear and guns --- how? I don't know. His logic is the wackiest of any human on earth. He thinks Dick Clark is to blame for a dead first grader in Flint Michigan.

Having been self employed as an artist and landlord, I haven't had a real 9 to 5 job since 1990. I have spent much of that extra time being a bit obsessed with politics --- or more specifically, pursuing ideas relating to fairness and reason. I am obsessed with the concepts. What is fair? What is reasonable? I ask myself these questions everyday. In some respects, it has been a tremendous benefit in dealing with people, but most of the time I find that humans aren't really interested in fairness or reason. They are more interested in sensationalism. That is Michael Moore's whole gig. He is the epitome of a sensationalist. While I watched Bowling For Columbine, my stomach turned as I saw him fudging facts for his own political ends. It also turned because my stomach always turns before I have to write a big paper. I may be kinda lazy, but I am fair and reasonable. So in fairness, I offer to you this retort to his movie. I hope you understand that I bring numbers and statistics merely to understand the real problems society faces and to shed some light on where they really are. --- These links and numbers are NOT meant to be sensational, and in fact you'll find more enlightenment within them than you will in my rants. Please please please click the links and check yourself. Unfortunately, some of this is in response to Moore's allegations of race. While the topic is no fun, I'm inclined to respond directly, with data. Egads.

I'll get the race stuff out of the way first.

Despite Michael Moore's lament that black people are a "misrepresented peaceful group" while pimpled white kids in the suburbs are bloodthirsty killers, according to The US Department of Justice and the FBI; Homicide and Gun crime in The United States are almost 50% centered within the black population (only 11% percent of the total population)

The Brady Center (gun control advocates) agree.

Despite The one black guy Michael Moore saw in Canada (he was from Detroit), there are virtually no Black people In Canada. They make up approximately 1% of Canada's population, America has more black people than Canada has people.

Mr. Moore suggests that the USA with it's "stupid white male" leaders is the most violent, gun toting country on the globe and in desperate need of tougher gun control. But, according to the United Nations International Study on Firearm Regulation one might observe that; more guns, fewer black people and less gun control = less death by gun (see Finland, Sweden, and New Zealand). One might also observe that a higher black population (with or without gun control) = more death and murder by gun and apparently any other means as well (see Brazil, South Africa, and Jamaica) ...and its worth noting that in Japan, a land that is all Japanese (only 1.2% of the population are non Japanese) + total gun control= virtually no murder by gun. These aren't my numbers -- don't get mad at me. Seriously. check for yourself. The link is right in there here. click it. I'll wait.

Maybe Michael Moore should skip the 4.5 Bacon Double Cheese Burgers for lunch today and try some sushi --- or no ---- Canadian sushi --- maybe that's the answer. Do as they do, eat like they eat. Isn't that the way Moore logic works? Maybe reality really works more like this; While Michael Moore speaks so highly of Japan's low gun violence rates, it might be fun to read this recent xenophobic, anti-foreigner article written by Tokyo Governor ISHIHARA. The freely elected Governor basically sums up the Japanese attitudes and policies concerning ethnic diversity when he praises the Tokyo Police leaflet which boldly states "If you see a foreigner, think thief." He wraps up his call to the "genetically docile and law abiding" people of Japan with an ominous warning: "The entire nature of Japanese society itself will be altered by the spread of this type of crime [heinous murder] that is indicative of the ethnic DNA [of the Chinese]". Hitler would be so proud.

That's the race part. Most of us, especially me, are very happy that the USA strives to be a land of racial diversity and would never want that to change, but clearly, we sacrifice a bit of safety for diversity. That is a sacrifice I am willing to make especially because most of the problems above could be solved with a complete overhaul of our education and prison systems. More on that in another issue. But to sum it up, the slogan for the prison system might be "It's never too late for a good upbringing." Back to the retort. There is so much more.

It is quite apparent to anyone that Canada is a fairly decent and safe place to live, especially if you like to pay up to 60% of your income as taxes. In light of that fact, It should definitely be reassuring to citizens of the USA that according to the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI), The United States consistently ranks behind Canada in crime victimization statistics for developed countries. You are more likely to be the victim of a crime in England, Canada, Australia or France than in this violent hellhole of a country of ours. Hey, didn't the USA save some of those countries asses in a war or two once or twice?

While Michael Moore would have you running scared to the Spy Shop to purchase a bullet proof vest, take some solace in this; according to The National Safety Council, it is far more likely that you will die as you trip and fall down in your freaked out rush -- or holy crap, be careful, it's also more likely that you'll get killed by a car on your way to the Spy Shop than it is that you'll be shot by a snot-nosed, poor, welfare child in your lifetime.

You wanna get scared? Forget guns, according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics, the leading causes of death throughout an average American's lifetime don't hardly include random death by guns, in fact guns rank quite low. On the other hand Michael Moore's apparent closest and constant companions, butter, bacon, lard and laziness rank very very high -- at the top even -- number one. Michael Moore is the poster child for humans who disregard death prevention. Michael, Butter kills better than bullets. For the love of children, take action, make them stop selling it.

Trustworthy and enlightening statistics are out there -- a few internet searches, a trip to the library and common sense go a long way. Unfortunately, sense is quite uncommon while self hating, sensationalistic, deceptive filmmakers like Mr. Moore care more about selling tickets to a movie, gaining popularity and hob nobbing with self righteous, power thirsty, fact fudging stars, than shedding any real light or suggesting any real solutions to some very real (but mathematically much less significant than breast cancer or pedestrians being hit by cars) problems. Interesting, national crime has risen since Kmart stopped selling ammo. I guess the snipers found bullets somewhere else. (George W. Bush personally gave it to them I'm sure). Of course reasonable people doubt any significant correlation between Kmart and murder, I wish the same could be true for the doom and gloom, republican hating, conspiracy obsessed fans of Michael Moore. (Don't take that personally ----- be tough.)

If we could only rid the planet of the NRA and Mr.Heston, (who never gave a speech anything like the one you see Him give in the film, the Heston speech you see in the film was created by Michael Moore) then no more schoolkids would die and the "CIA driven planes" would stop flying into our best buildings. (The most ridiculous and offensive ten feet of film ever --- blaming Ronald Reagan and the CIA for the world trade center disaster -- cool -- so subversive.) I'd include a link to a passage in the Koran that calls for the murder of infidels but I haven't the space -- I'll loan you the book. While you're at it read the Bible, the Book of Mormon and the Kabalah. There is enough justification for killing those with whom you and God disagree to kill us all --- in HIS name of course.

A few more questions for you.

Why didn't Moore interview:
• any actual residents of South Central LA? These LAPD stats seem to suggest that, yes, in fact south central LA is dangerous as hell.

• the parents of the Columbine killers or the bullies who called the killers faggots and pussies and threatened them everyday?

the man who left clear access of his illegal handgun to a six year old?

What is his obsession with dying school children anyway? -- We went to school, we're not dead -- and stats haven't significantly changed since we were there.

Any idea what world wide murder rates were before guns? World history is all about enslavement and murder and genocide. Guns only helped to curb the slaughter which is human history.

By the way, without Dick Clark's and Charleton Heston's co-evil conspirators --- Lockheed Martin --, and the state of the art weapons of war they produce, we might all be Muslim, Nazi's or communists -- and not by choice. At least there'd be no infidels to kill --- they'd already be dead --- or at least reprogrammed. Lockheed Martin has certainly helped our military keep many rambunctious tyrants at bay. Besides, Denver's Lockheed plant doesn't produce weapons anyway, they make rockets to launch TV satellites and such. Moore can't get anything right.

I can't stop ---- what really offends me about Moore is that he capitalizes on the wonderful human willingness to trust. I am 50 percent wrong for directing this anger towards his fans. After all he is using all of the tricks of the trade; humor, music (scary when it needs to be) and charm to weave his web of fudged facts. Like me, he was an ugly fat kid (I wasn't fat, I was freckled and too skinny) who surely felt the wrath of the genetically gifted. It is no surprise that he is still to this day wreaking revenge upon the subjects of his jealousy. As any ugly kid who discovers humor as a defense mechanism will tell you, (just ask me) the easiest way to get ahead when things seem so stacked against you is -- identify the folks with the most power and influence and learn how to do a good impersonation of them -- then you can make them look like an ass when they leave the room. Always make them seem incompetent and evil -- but in a funny way -- you know, so you still look holy -- like a good guy. Drawing funny pictures of the boss works well too. His whole gimmick, and such his philosophy, is wrapped up in the scene where he says (while suggesting a sub series called "Corporate Cops") "What American wouldn't love to see his boss chased down and beaten?" This is the core of his gimmick. It is and always has been quite effective.

What really sucks is that, to combat this method is difficult. It is hard enough convincing people to be skeptical when trust is such a necessary element in a civilized society, but when you get clowns like Moore who proclaim that he is *the* ultimate skeptic, he taps into that last remaining ounce of trust left in the people who consider themselves skeptical.-- They don't check his facts because "why would he lie when his whole gig is to uncover the real story?" He is no idiot. He knows very well what he is doing and that is why I get so pissed. To a point, I understand those who trust his figures and theories -- we have to trust somebody -- but I can't excuse them. People must tune their own bullshit detectors.

I can't be everywhere ---- or can I?


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While over 70% of the mail I receive from the thousands of people who have read my Michael Moore article is positive -- below are my favorite pieces of hate mail. Hate mail is far more entertaining.-- There are some genius retorts by some really really bright people. I have left all of their inventive spellings and creative grammar intact for your enjoyment. click the comments section to read.

Anonymous Anonymous is a gaywad. wrote:
You are the biggest jackass in the world,Everything you said was so far off its not even funny,i cant believe you even have a web page. So sad,I feel so sorry for


Blogger merkley??? is a gaywad.

Geez -- he ain't kidding either -- do you know how hard it was for me to convince the internet to let me have a web site?


Anonymous Anonymous is a gaywad.

Tim Hogan wrote:
you're an idiot - plain and simple. pull your head out of your ass and quit watching FOX NEWS!
Tim Hogan | Designer
F & W Publications
Promotions Department

p:: 513.531.2690 x.1415
f::  513.531.07984700


Blogger merkley??? is a gaywad.

Can't stop watching FOX. Can't stop watching FOX. Can't stop watching FOX. Fair and Balanced. Fair and Balanced. Fair and Balanced. Must find Bill O'Reilly. Must marry Bill O'Reilly. Must Kill Bill O'Reilly.


Anonymous Anonymous is a gaywad. wrote:
you are a very lonely and misrable person. please dont take your pain out on others. debating will bring you no happiness.  i know you think it does.  but you know it doesnt.  your not as smart as you think you are.  but hey if degrading other human beings makes you happy. i quess thats your gig. ...did you come from a family that degraded you for being you?  it must have been at least one of your parents who did this to you.  i bet i'm right about that. of course you will be defensive and disagree.  one of my pet peeves in life is predictabiltiy. ....i am sorrey that causing others pain brings you happiness and contenment. when your up late at night you should start thinking about all the people you have hurt in your life.  instead of thinking of all the people that have hurt you.  give something to someone else. stop being a leech on society.


Blogger merkley??? is a gaywad.

What's really interesting about Jared is that he then spent the better part of the following week sending me various degrading insults about my "juvenile" sense of humor and "shitty art" from various yahoo email addresses. All the emails were sent very late at night with drunken typing and links to porn sites --- hmmnn -- what was he saying about loneliness??


Anonymous Anonymous is a gaywad.

Dave LeVasseur  wrote:
Your site is not worthy of anyone's attention, it just made me so angry had to reply. you're a cheeseburger eating, gas guzzling idiot.


Blogger merkley??? is a gaywad.

Dave is french. Cheeseburgers and gas guzzling really piss him off. I asked him why he was angry with the statistics and numbers I presented. He said my research was crap then he promised to respond with his own real, --- "COLLEGE" research to counter mine -- he still hasn't delivered. Maybe you could help me remind him.


Blogger merkley??? is a gaywad.

Dave is french. Cheeseburgers and gas guzzling really piss him off. I asked him why he was angry with the statistics and numbers I presented. He said my research was crap then he promised to respond with his own real, --- "COLLEGE" research to counter mine -- he still hasn't delivered. Maybe you could help me remind him.


Anonymous Anonymous is a gaywad.

Kevin wrote:
 youre just ignorant and you think youre high  and mighty because you got youre own piece of shit website. id like to see you make your own documentary that people actually watch base on actual facts. you seem to be oblivious to the fact that th united states of america is run by money hungry pieces of dirt that feed off of problems in your country. i must quote wattie buchain " fuck the USA" do you know why? because there are more murders more robberies and basically most crime in the world. do you know why? because your american culture is based on bullshit and mainstream music. mainstream music causes problems because everybody wants to be a harecore rapper from the ghetto or a super slut like brittany bitch. all i have to say is that the american culture is based on garbage. tghe american constitution was written by a bunch of sexist gun carring homosexuals that were afraid to exit the closet and now i must say "if the punks are united, they will never be divided" why i say this is because real pyunks know what the system is and the united states have the most corrupted systen of all. i hope your children are shot by accident so you know that guns are a problem and the punks from canada are not morons because we know our shit. we know our beer,we know our politics.street punks from canada are not stupid and stret punks from the USA are not stupid as well. the street is what knows whats really goes on first hand and even if its not first hand, eberyone knows that americans have a problem with guns. in closing, americans,for the most part, have amental problem and your just onr of them that are afriad to admit it. anyways, fuck the USA as wattie said punks unite,go fuck youreself , michael moore rules cuz hes not full of shit and if the punks are united,they will never be divided. later you uninformed red neck piece of shit. if you want to take a chance and challenge me woth an email, heres my email, minus_defect.@hotmailcom. you suck


Blogger merkley??? is a gaywad.

I didn't write this guy back. I'm afraid of punks, especially "united" punks.


Anonymous Anonymous is a gaywad.

Brad wrote:
Learn some facts, then learn to spell.... Your a fucking dumbass


Blogger merkley??? is a gaywad.

There is something I've noticed about hate mailers --- none of them seem to know the difference between "your" and "you're", but they are all really inventive spellers!


Anonymous Anonymous is a gaywad.

Laura Carr wrote:
Dear person who wrote "michael moore is fat and wrong", i think your gay and short sighted. you must be an american,right? typical gun loving george bush prasing american. First of all you say that he is obsessed with race. he talks about race because he is explaining how different races are treated differently. if you just ignore it like you suggest, the problem will never be solved and racism shall continue to be a problem. so i think you should shut your mouth about that and stop being so ignorant or just go and sign up for the KKK already.  there are more than 1% of black people in canada for sure. it is quite possible that there are more black people in the u.s. because they just stayed there after their ansestors were brought over to be slaves. and maybe the black people that are here are desendants of the slaves that saught refuge in Candada.Everything  Michael Moore says about the united states is base on actual facts not random statistics he made up when he was bored. An where does his being fat come in to this??? what the fuck does that have to do with anything? you feel the need to bring someone down about their physical apperence. im sure youre american, dealing with supeficial things like that. oh wait, you are. you left canada and became an american. well good because you have the american mentality. So im closing, open your eyes to whats going on or join the NRA and the KKK and go fuck yourself. Have a nice day, Laura.


Blogger merkley??? is a gaywad.

According to many of my hate mailers, a lot of gay people are gun toting, Bush loving members of the NRA and KKK. I'm not sure they let gay people into the KKK, But boy oh boy those four gay, Bush lovin' Republicans ain't nuthin' but trouble I tell ya.


Anonymous Anonymous is a gaywad. wrote:
Hey you piece of English bred jackass,
Yes your name is a symbol years of English hits-Or even better it is derived from the work "MERK" which is kind of like a streetcleaner for the whale blubber and blood which would be left over on the shipping docks.  Read a little Chaucer instead of political bullshit and you would have a whole new impression of who you really are.  Except you probably wasted your youth on weed and booze trying to "Find yourself cause you are an ARTIST" (I wouldn't go saying that too loud in public....You might offend real artists."
Why don't you learn how to speak like a civilized human being.  If you would have made it past high school (implying that some jack off public school gave you a diploma to get you the Hell out of their faces with your fascist bullshit you spew out the crap hole on your neck) you would have really made something of yourself.  As a wake up call to you,  calling your self retired and being a bum are really not the same thing.  You bleeding heart artists think you know it all.  You waste all your youth messing around on the internet thinking it is truth.  Wake up moron.  Your probably some mormon or even worse, a catholic.  Given the opritunity you would probably try and steal candy from a baby.  Or even worse you would probably try and digitize the child before stealing the candy cause you felt it owed you something for breathing your air and eating your food.
So you go back to your finger painting and writing the newest songs for the Spice Girls and Hanson or trying to revitalize Menudo and then after your done you can take all your millions (cause you are rich-remember) and shove them up your uneducated ass. Grow up.  I would expect more from a 36 year old.  Hay I have an idea, why don't you run for president (you can do that now, and think you will be the first gay commander and chief).  With your attitude your a shoe in..........For an stoning.
Hey prick lips-I'm not gonig to be your friend.  Are you going to go cry to your momma now?


Blogger merkley??? is a gaywad.

It's so sweet how all these hate mailers want me to run for President. But hey -- back to work. Menudo awaits my new hit single called --  "I Believe That Digitized Babies are Our Future."


Anonymous Anonymous is a gaywad.

Catherine Lang wrote:
To call this man a moron is insane ....he is genious and the least bit racist.Also I am from Canada and we do have black people and the reason it seems like so little is because of our small population....but going by per capita our percentage is only around 20% less than the U.S.A. I am extemely happy with the taxes I pay in canada...I know if I or someone I love are stricken with a diesease or illness...I am gaurenteed free health care and I wont lay dying in a hospital waiting room because I dont have the proper insurance....have you seen the movie John Q that would never happen in Canada. I am more than galdly willing to pay a little extra in taxes for this sence of security.I cant understand why you keep going back to Michael's weight and how can you even compare that to gun deaths...the only person he is hurting is himself . You kinda sound like an 12 year old girl who cant come up with anything of real substance to say your comment is " Your Fat". I could go on discrediting almost everything you have said...but honestly I believe it would be wasted on you guess is you are an N.R.A  member or fan. I would much rather trust Michael than an obesity phobic like you ...and "Hot Chick from Texas"??? that statement right there proves your real intelligence... I guess I can sexist to your list of qualitys... after all thats what YOU would do if Michael said something like that ...wouldent you?


Blogger merkley??? is a gaywad.

I'm insane. I'm insane. I'm afraid of fat! Michael Moore is a moron! Where's my barbie? Get me my gun! Girls are stupid! Hey wait a minute -- I am a girl -- and I'm 12 and a HALF --- Cathy.


Anonymous Anonymous is a gaywad.

Ali Naraghi wrote:
Hey dude,
Wow you are a fucking moron just like Bush. Perhaps you can run for presidant of The USA. Get a life man and also get a brain transplant. I think My dog is smarter than you. hope you get well soon. well actualy I don't give a fuck about you as long as you don't preach your stupid KKK bullshit. Fuck you.


Blogger merkley??? is a gaywad.

OK that's it! The people have spoken. I'm running for President. Vote merkley??? for President!! For my vice president I hereby choose Ali Naraghi's Dog! But first the brain transplant. I accept PAYPAL donations. Brain transplants cost a lot.


Anonymous Anonymous is a gaywad. wrote:
I think your "weightist".  Does anyone's weight have anything to do with anything?  Really?  If you want to be taken seriously as an adult, keep childish insults out of your presentation.


Blogger merkley??? is a gaywad.

"Weightist" is my favorite new word. From now on I promise to use adult insults such as this instead.


Anonymous Anonymous is a gaywad. wrote:
Fuck you. I can see that you are a fat, miserable fuck who loves handguns due to the little penis you must confront daily. (Fat boy, when was the last time you saw your cock without having to look in the mirror?)Also, you scream fairness but you are a racist pig. Artist my ass! You produce shit and can only stand up when you are behind the shit hole web page you produce. Fuck You.


Blogger merkley??? is a gaywad.

Hey look everybody --- a hateful moron with spell check!!! Woo heee!!  How does one stand behind a hole? Trippy, dude.


Anonymous Anonymous is a gaywad.

Chris Esh wrote:
First of all, who the hell are you? You have no credentials, no importance, and use websites that I could create in less than 10 minutes as sources. You want some real sources? Here's a link you should check out. Just click on the links to all of Michael Moore's sources.  
      I know your just going to insult me and probably ignore what I say, but realize this is no joke. Your racism, lies, and ignorace are offensive. Really think about what your doing and saying. Here's a challenge: get to know at least one black person on a personal level. You might be suprised. They're nothing like the media tells us they are. After you do this, you might want to make some revisions to you site.
 Guess what. I have a website too. I can post what ever bullshit I feel like pulling out of my ass whenever I want. I can back up my bullshit with other people's websites that have nothing but bullshit from their asses. Then when people email me telling me that it's obvious that my website is nothing but bullshit with bullshit sources, I'll email them and make fun of their real sources. Then I'll feel like I'm really important. Maybe almost as important as you!
 Have a nice day,  Christopher Esh


Blogger merkley??? is a gaywad.

Wow, I've got some pretty amazing hate mailers. This guy (Chris Esh) could create web sites for The US Department of Justice, the FBI, The Brady Center, the leading genetics research center, the Official Canadian Government Statistics Department, The United Nations Crime and Justice Information Network, The United Nations Inter-regional Crime and Justice Research Institute, The National Safety Council, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, The Los Angeles Police Department, The Flint Journal (Mike's hometown newspaper), The National Center For Education Statistics, and at least ten other major newspapers including the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and The Los Angeles Times all in TEN MINUTES!! See kids, don't feel bad, this guy is an absolute genius and he can't spell either. If you need a quick web site that contains years and years of research and data designed in less than ten minutes, -- drop him a line, But watch out, he pulls bullshit out of his ass. I wouldn't shake his hand.


Anonymous Anonymous is a gaywad.

Ms. Flowers wrote:
Is it me......or did you purposely post only the "hate-mail" with typos or grammatical errors?  Well, I doubt there are any errors in this e-mail, so I won't bother with a detailed rebuttal to your dim-witted "moore is fat and wrong" statement, because your self-esteem (apparently at an all time low) won't allow you to let viewers to this poorly made site, read error proof replies.  Moore being overweight is neither here nor there, but YOU being an asshole....well..........

But I will say this:
 Here's the reality, white people DO NOT KNOW HOW TO CONTROL THEIR CHILDREN.  If I had a dollar for everytime I went to the mall and some dumb blonde is trying to negotiate with her spoiled ass 5 year old to get him to stop crying and throwing a fit, I would be rich, I tell ya!  WHIP THEIR ASSES, WHITE PEOPLE.  LEARN TO CONTROL YOUR FUCKING KIDS!  THAT'S THE FUCKING PROBLEM RIGHT THERE!  Granted, violence in urban areas are out of control because black people will kill black people out of retaliation i.e. gang banging, drugs, etc.  However, WE do not pick up guns, go to school and start killing the cafeteria workers because our classmates talked about our dirty sneakers.  ONLY stupid white people do things of that nature!  You want to address the whole Columbine situation, okay, tell your stupid ass sister that she runs her children, not the other way around!  And tell her she can come out of Time Out now, little Billy is away at school plotting to kill the janitors because Sally laughed at he's incorrect Math answer........Hee Hee Hee....Oh and dumb ass, PLEASE find another profession......maybe you should become a HS teacher at Columbine!

I also kick, bite, punch, scratch, taunt faggots, hold my nose when I pass some sweaty white people, belittle, send hate mail to "artist" (smile and nod) who I consider to be morons, bad mouth, attack, stick my middle finger up, etc........................

Can you please post my reply, Asshole?   Please, please, please!  Thanks and rot in hell!

Fuck you Sincerely,

Ms. Flowers


Blogger merkley??? is a gaywad.

I don't even have any smart ass reply to this gem --- it's perfect hate mail. Although I do agree with her, you should beat your children, if not for discipline -- for FUN!!


Blogger merkley??? is a gaywad.

Wanna Hate Mail me? Great! Just know that by By sending me hate mail, you agree that I retain all rights to edit publish and exploit the entire contents along with any included images, your email address and anything else I thought you wanted to say but didn't actually say in your lovely note. Additionally, you permit me to publish your email address on this or any other web site in the whole wide world.  You also acknowledge that the fact that you are a complete idiot is not my fault. By hate mailing me you are inviting me to assail, attack, bad-mouth, belie, belittle, besmirch, blacken, blackwash, blaspheme, blister, blot, criticize, calumniate, curse, chide, castigate, censure, chew, damage, decry, defame, defile, denigrate, depreciate, derogate, detract, dishonor, disparage,  deprecate, deride, diminish, discount, discredit, dispraise, downgrade, downplay, dump on, flout,  insult, jeer, jive, knock, kid, libel, laugh at, lower, needle, malign, muckrake, minimize, pan, plaster, parody, pooh pooh, poor mouth, razz, rip, rib, roast, run down, revile, rail at, rate, rebuke, reprimand, reproach, reprove, revile, scandalize, scorch, slam, slur, smirch, strumpet, sully, scold, scoff at, scorn, slam, smear, sneer at, squash, squelch, tarnish, traduce, taunt, tease, take down, tongue-lash, underestimate, underrate, undervalue, upbraid, vituperate, and vilify you publicly and privately for pleasure or payment. You may not sue me for any reason, ever, and this completely rock solid, legally binding contract/disclaimer is subject to change without notice, and you are still subject to the rules regardless of any changes made. If you do not agree with these rules, then don't hate mail me.


Blogger Lady Cab Driver is a gaywad.

Merkely???, I don't care what anyone else here says. You ARE a genius, and don't you forget it. Where has everones dark sense of humor gone? What the hell happened to sacastic people like you , me, and my brother?


Anonymous Anonymous is a gaywad.

brilliantly done. besides just being hilarious, it is both relevant and important to refute that fucking 'working class' (my ass - millionare!) hack's allegations. seriously, bush is a cock but how can moore sleep at night knowing he is just as bad? jesus fucking christ. his work is devestating to progress and he should be raped. fuck him.


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