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March 27, 2003

Taxi Cab Wisdom

Q:"So what do you think about the war on Saddam Hussein?" I asked.

A: "You have to understand" he said in a thick, mixed Tunisian/Iranian/Egyptian/Italian accent while swerving in and out of San Francisco midnight traffic, "Arabic people, --- people living in Arabic countries are all anti-American because they have no idea what it is like in America. ----- Americans, or I should say, the protesters, are anti-war and anti-American because they have no idea what it's like to live under the rule of islamic regimes or dictators. I try to tell my family and friends back home and all over that it is wonderful here, that you can do as you please, that almost everybody here came from another place, we are all --- almost the same here. But they don't hear me, they can't, they have no concept of true freedom. I try to tell the protesters I've been driving to and from rallies and marches, that the war to liberate is justified and good, Saddam is terrible, but they don't hear me, they can't, because they have no concept of oppression. All my friends and family hate America, but they all wanted me to become a citizen so they could come here.....I love America. America is the best country. Now, since I became a citizen, it is as much mine---- as it is yours ---or ----- anybody elses, and I've only been here 7 years. America is my country."

And so flowed the wisdom of my Tunisian/Iranian/Egyptian/Italian taxi cab driver this Wednesday night at 11:58 PM. I tipped him five bucks.

It's all true.

Best wishes --- My fingers are crossed for a quick conclusion to this madness.

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