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December 19, 2006

On Top of The World Doing Fake Pro-Creation

My first memory is a dream that I had in my crib as an infant. It went like this; I had this blue fuzzy blanket that I scrunched up and molded into a perfectly round ball, an exact sphere, on top of which I was flopped like a lumpy noodle, rolling around, balancing on it's flawless roundness, enjoying the view over the bars of my cage and feeling the pleasurable pressure of the blanket ball smunching against my baby weewang.

Anyway, every day since that dream up until I sprouted teen balls and became able to flog my ham like a grown-up, laying on my stomach, warbling my parts around on my balled up fist or any consenting stuffed animal or toy was my chosen method of self high-fivery.

To this day whenever I hear The Carpenters singing "Top of The World" The dream of me rolling my baby balls around on a gigantic soft globe is the video that plays in my head.

Lil' ol' merkley??? flopped atop a self-made blue ball manipulating joy out of his own schlong.

Oh crap,

Was my first memory my own epitaph?

Oh yeah, also, I think about Karen Carpenter cramming her finger down her throat yaking up celery stick juice and cotton balls - but that's everybody right?

Dream wrecking slut.

Now Alexia;
That's all for now,
Don't get caught reposting one day later on your original blog the same stuff you are posting on your brand new blog.
Your Smack Down Advisor,
The Fonz

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