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November 11, 2007

111??? - The Infomercial

"Hey merkley???, What is todays date?


"What time is it?"


"I heard you're making a book of a bunch of your lady friends naked with their favorite shoes on sofas, just how many nude lady pals are in it?"


"When is it coming out?"


"You mean January 11th right? Where is the release party gonna be?

"111 minna gallery."

"What time?"


"Word is that you decided to publish the book yourself because you don't know how to read contracts and are afraid of book stores and libraries and getting porked by book business buttholes and that you'd instead rather print a super duper limited edition of them on your own so that you can make them big and heavy (11x14, 222 thick pages) and sign and number them like rare and collectable pieces of art that will most likely sell out lickety split and then you can wipe your hands of the whole deal and move forward into the sunrise while leaving your nice customers with a purchase that will certainly only grow in value from day one and within a few months each copy will be worth a million bucks OR MORE. Just how rare will they be? Exactly how many copies are you making?


"Wow, that's rare indeed. When you discount the 111 copies given to the 111 women in the book, and the free ones you'll probably hand out to cripples and political figures there will be less than 1000 for sale. That ain't SHIT, that's less than 10 copies per naked girl in the book. That'll barely covers each woman's uncles and myspace stalkers. You must be some kind of fucking SAINT. How much will each one cost?"


"That's INSANE, cruddy coffee table books at Burns and Nobble cost more that that and they aren't even SIGNED and NUMBERED MAN! What are you gonna call the book?


"Well shit damn hell, we better hurry up and make our orders pre-release style or we're gonna be sorry, how can we do that?"

"Click this paypal button."

"Great. I did it. When do I get my book, ummm I mean "valuable piece of art?"

"Orders will be shipped on 1-11-08"

"Oh yeah, who is on the cover?"

Jenny - Sofa

"Is that photoshopped in cat gonna be on the cover too?"


"May we see some more photos from the book?"

"Sure, Here's 11 more even though you can just see them in the "111???" set on my flickr."

Caitlin - Sofa


Eva - Sofa



Domini Sofa

Bryn Sofa



Sylvia Sofa





Vanessa C. - Sofa

Marina - Sofa




That's all for now.
Don't get caught pretending to be interviewed by your dog.
Your 111th Favorite Numerologist,
Miss Cleo

Anonymous shotbart is a gaywad.

Hey... nobody yet commented on this stunning news in Merkley history?!?!

Congrats, my friend... I only hope this is just the beginning... ;)


Blogger TK Kerouac is a gaywad.

These photos are very unique and its not just the nudity that is interesting to look at. love that there are domestic animals in many of the shots.
Can I post some on finderskeepers

And, I'm coming to LA in January
Can you take one of these shots of me?

P.S. Don't tell Raymi this time ok?


Blogger Jenny is a gaywad.

thats awesome. i wish i had the money to buy one


Blogger Richard is a gaywad.



Anonymous cassiefoeboe is a gaywad.

111,11 U$ on it's way from Holland (-;


Blogger kalipornia is a gaywad.

wtf? after kwristmakkah???


Blogger remy is a gaywad.

gorgeous! just ordered a copy.

thank jon solo. i caught his post about it.

the photos remind me a bit of:


Anonymous Anonymous is a gaywad.

Mine arrived today, all the way to the UK and in perfect condition (apart from some gold scribble on the inside cover which said Mxcaeray 451/1111 or some such numerology junk).

The printing is fantastic - great quality. Good choices.

When will a book including some Sky Cam pics and some of your frozen-in-action shots with very-wordy-and-off-the-wall-eating-Fritos-and-contemplating-Herodiclus-type comments in it come out ? Ha - that's not intelligible, either :-) Put me down for the first copy :-)

(My mum will think it's p*rn, not art).

- DJK !


Blogger merkley??? is a gaywad.

that "Mxcaeray" is my signature ASSHOLE:) and you have book 451 of 1111 - like you didn't know.

anyway , glad it arrived in tact -- the UK and Canada have the SLOWEST of all international mail services (netherlands and australia are fastest) i was beginning to worry that the UK orders would end up at the bottom of the sea.

You can expect a new book every 1.5 years or so grouped in to the various themes you mentioned-- so far my publishing experience has been very well worth the effort.

thanks for being the first UK responder.


Anonymous Anonymous is a gaywad.

Hey Merkley, any books left? can i still get one?


Blogger merkley??? is a gaywad.

YES -- there are still books available -- i will change this blog entry when they are sold out.


Anonymous AST is a gaywad.

Love your blog and your mind for that matter!

Your book looks incredible. Now I want one!

Found you on Violet Blue's Blog btw. :)


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