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September 02, 2009

GGG??? Girls, Gays & Groceries

Hi Everybody!
Remember me? It's Joaquin Phoenix! I have finally completed my transformation and now I am MERKLEY??? just like I never wanted to be. I quit the movies, I quit RAP and now I just take pictures of girls, gays and groceries. JUST LIKE MERKLEY??? I mean ME, I'm merkley??? now.

Anyway, next Wednesday 9.9.9. (upside down 666 -- ooooh creepy) I will be showing a bunch of pictures you might not have seen at Project One Gallery in SF.

The Show is called "GGG???, Girls Gays & Groceries" and it starts at 6:66pm ON THE DOT! Bring your wallet and station wagon because everything is for sale in BULK!

Now Chelsea:

Chelsea - Dinner
Chelsea - Dinner

Now Chelsea As The Flyer for The Show:

Buy my book now, or buy it at the show!

That's all for now!
Don't get caught impersonating merkley??? when it's just as easy to actually BE HIM.
Your Pal,
Jim Morrison

Anonymous Millah is a gaywad.

fuck yeah!


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